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DPD GDPR Change Comment if XACML need to be extended
6.1 (a )5.1 (a) extendedadded 'in transperant manner'N/A
6.1(b)5.1 (b) and 9.2 (j)extendedpurpose limitation' is addedNo
6.1( c)5.1 ( c )extendeddata minimisation' is addedNo
6.1 (d) 5.1 (d) extendedwithout delay and accuracy' is addedNo
6.1 ( e )5.1 ( e ) sameNo
7 (a) 6.1 (a)extendedadded 'consent given to the processing of personal data for one or more specific purposesNo
7 (b)6.1 (b)sameNo
7 ( c )6.1 ( c ) sameNo
7 (d) 6.1 (d)extendedadded 'or another natural person'Yes
7 ( e )6.1 ( e )reduceddeleted 'or in a third party to whom data are disclosed'No
7 (f) 6.1 (f)extendedadded 'in particular where the data subject is a child'Yes
8. 19.1extendedadded 'genetic data', 'biometric data'Yes
8.2 (a) 9.2extendedadded ' one or more specifeid purposes'No
8.2 (b)9.2 (b) extendedadded 'social security and social protection law'No
8.2 ( c )9.2 ( c )sameNo
8.2 (d) 9.2 (d)sameNo
8.2 ( e )9.2 (e,f)sameNo
8.39.2(h)extendedobligation of secrecy' is elaboratedyes
8.49.2 (g)extendedelaborated on the fundamental rights and interest of data subjectNo
8.787extendedadded condition for appropriate safeguards for the rights and freedoms of the data subjectN/A
1013completely changedNumber of changes adopted, for example, the need for contact details of controller,details of data protection officer addedN/A
11.114.1extendedadded the need for contact details of controller, details of third party to whom data is intended to transferN/A
11.214.5extendedadded the condition where data subject already has the information and obligation of secrecyN/A
1215.1, 17completely changedexcessisive delay or expanse' is moved to art 17 for erasure. Confirmation whether data being processed is deletedYes
12 (b)16,17extendedNumber of conditions addedYes
12 (c )19extendedadded to inform 'the data subject about those recipients if the data subject requests it.'Yes
13.123extendedadded a number of new conditions including 'the enforcement of civil law claims.'Yes
13.289extendedelaborated and added a number of conditionsN/A
1421extendedNumber of conditions added including object to process data for direct marketing Yes
1522extendedadded explicit consent requirementN/A
1724- 28completely changedElaborated more specific requirements and more clarifications addedN/A
2546,47completely changedMore responsibility imposed on controllers and processorsYes
26.149.1 (a) extendedmore conditions addedyes
26.1(b)49.1 (b)sameNo
26.1 (c )49.1 (c )slightly changedthird party' is replaced by 'another natural or legal person'yes
26.1 (d)49.1 (d) (e )sameNo
26.1 (e )49. 1 (f) slightly changedmore conditions addedYes
26.249.1Completely changedMore conditions added such as transfer is not repetitive, concerns only a limited number of data subjects and so onYes
26.349.5, chapter VII (corporation and consistency) completely changed49.5 mentions to inform comissioneer, it is completely re-written about how to deal with objectionsN/A
28.358.1, 58.2slightly changedrephrashedYes
28.457 (f)extendedmore specific requiremnts added specifically on timelinessN/A