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Description & Overview

GDPRtEXT provides two things:

  1. A RDF representation of the text of GDPR, at the article-paragraph granularity
  2. A vocabulary of terms and concepts relevant to the GDPR (from its text)

All resources are available under the CC-by-4.0 license


GDPR text as RDF resource

Canonical Representation of Official Text

These are transformations of text with an id for each article-paragraph.

RDF Representations

The transformed document is converted into RDF formats using the GDPRtEXT Ontology. The following serialisation formats are available: RDF/XML, Turtle, JSON-LD, N-Triples, and N3. These are defined in the DCAT catalog.

SPARQL Endpoint

The resource is also available via a SPARQL endpoint, which can be explored using Pubby-based interface.

Graph IRIs for SPARQL:

DCAT Catalogue -
GDPRtEXT ontology -

Persistent Publishing

The resource has been published at ZenodoDOI,, and

GDPRtEXT OWL Vocabulary

An OWL vocabulary to express GDPR document structure and annotations based on the ELI ontology

You can read more about it, as well as download it using the documentation.

Data Protection Directive (DPD)

DPD as Linked Data

To facilitiate working with GDPR, we also annotated a DPD, which you can access here.

Also available is a serialised version as RDF and Turtle formats.

DPD to GDPR mappings

GDPR can be linked to the its predecessor, the Data Protection Directive (DPD) using mapping that shows the changes between the two legislations. Additionally, previous research related to using DPD obligations through approaches such as XACML can take advantage of the mapping.

The mapping table shows the change between the two legislations, and also whether a corresponding change is required in XACML rules based on DPD obligations.

Project Repository

Ongoing work with repository at