Privacy Metadata

ADAPT Centre


This work deals with metadata in the context of privacy and personal data. This follows from our work on GDPR compliance as well as interests in the area of ethics in research & innovation


Personalised Privacy Policies

With metadata being provided under the GDPR, it is possible to provide personalised privacy policies that can better explain concerns regarding the collection and usage of personal data for Data Subjects. Read more about Personalised Privacy Policies.

Provenance Metadata in Privacy Policies

Privacy policies detail how the data is being collected, used, shared, and stored. This information can be represented as provenance metadata. We explored this concept to generate use-cases based on privacy policies. Read more about Extracting Provenance Metadata.

Ontology Design Pattern for Personal Data

Once the metadata has been extracted from a privacy policy, a common representation can assist in different use-cases as well as approaches. We provide one such representation using an ontology design pattern. Read more about ODP for Personal Data.